Customer Reviews for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites

Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites

Chewmasters Freeze Dried Beef Liver Bites are a healthy dog treat containing only one ingredient; liver. These treats make an ideal training aid or a healthy low fat snack. Features: 2 x 500g  re-sealable, stand up bags   Made in the USA with certified USDA inspected beef   100% Pure beef liver   No refrigeration required   Less than 8 calories per treat   Suitable for dogs of any shape or size   Always supervise your pet when giving any treat   To be used as a treat or training aid   Model: 00136
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Customer Reviews for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
Review 1 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Ottawa, ON
Date:April 12, 2014

Great Buy

Pros: price, quality
"I have been buying freeze dried liver for as long as I have my dog (4 yrs) this product is comparable to any quality I have ever purchased and yet the price is significantly better"
Review 2 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Winnipeg, MB
Date:April 5, 2014

Puppy loves them

Pros: excellent value
"Excellent to use when training. Easy to break into smaller pieces if desired. Excellent price compared to buying in a pet store."
Review 3 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:St. Albert/Sturgeon County, AB
Date:March 21, 2014

Both my Dog and Cat Love them

Pros: both the dog and the cat love the smell
Cons: they smell
"I bought these for my dog as she is allergic to alot of different products, and these were 100% beef, which seems to be almost the only thing other than duck that she is not allergic to. I was totally surprised when I gave her one, and my cat nosed in for one too. Now, instead of having two different treat jars, and worrying about the dog getting the cat treats and having an allergic reaction, I can be assured that they are both extremely happy with their treats, and they can share them!"
Review 4 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:calgary ab
Date:December 14, 2013

dogs just love them

Pros: my dogs will work for the liver treats
Cons: not always on the costco website
"i have 4 small dogs they all love the liver treats as a reward they go outside do there thing and when they come back in we have the liver treats hidden in the house they now have to use there nose's to find the treats the only problem that I have is they are not always on the costco website it is hit and miss"
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Review 5 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Peterborough ON
Date:November 22, 2013

great healthy treat for dogs

Pros: nutitious and low calorie.
Cons: packages were a bit squished in the shipping box.
"We find these liver treats are perfect for Labs. as they are notorious for being real food mooches.
The cost is far lower than those sold by the veterinarian and the quality just as good. No worries about choking or undigested raw hide, pigs ears or chicken strips.Great for training purposes also.
Review 6 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Hamilton, ON
Date:October 18, 2013

My Dog is very happy

Pros: great size lasts a long time and keeps fresh.
Cons: not carried in the stores
"I have been buying these treats for my dogs at our local Costco but the store kept running out of product and it was a very good surprise to find the product at The Liver Bites is a quality product and it is so much more economical than a similar product found at pet stores. MY German Shepherd is a picky eater and he eats so much better with crushed liver bites spread across the top of his meals."
Review 7 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:September 20, 2013

Perfect Treat at an Unbeatable Price!

Pros: wholesome treat, unbeatable price, dogs love 'em!
"We're thrilled that Costco has resumed carrying this outstanding product, which had been discontinued for a while.
Unlike typical "junk food" pet snacks, this wholesome treat is just 100% pure beef liver, nothing else, and it's simply freeze-dried, not processed with chemicals or preservatives. Liver Bites are convenient to carry (light, dry, no refrigeration required) and can be cut or broken into smaller pieces, making them the perfect training treat. Not only does our dog absolutely love them, but they're also a real bargain. Other comparable liver treats sold in pet stores sell for twice as much, or more.
We're on our sixth bag, and have never had any problems with the quality of this product. Due to the nature of real liver, some chunks may be irregular in shape, and the outer "skin" of the liver may occasionally yield a dark leathery fragment, but these are not foreign objects, just natural variations in the product.
Nonetheless, we were very surprised to read about the poor customer service that another reviewer reported, as our experience has been quite the opposite. During the time that Liver Bites were unavailable at Costco, we contacted the manufacturer to ask where else we might buy them, and were very impressed by how responsive and accommodating they were. We were invited to place an order directly with them, and the personal service we received was nothing short of exemplary.
Thanks, Costco, for bringing back our favorite doggy treat! We hope it's here to stay!"
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Review 8 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Hamilton, ON
Date:September 10, 2013

My dog's favourite treat!

Pros: great tasting treats, healthy with no added chemicals, freeze dried so no mess when pocketed for rewards, the bag lasts a long time
Cons: not regularly stocked in local costco, liver pieces too big - i cut them in half
"My 2 year old German Shepherd will do anything for these treats! Excellant for training rewards! Also has helped me overcome my dog's lack of interest in his meals; I just crumble a liver bite on top or sometimes sprinkle with some crumbs from the bag! I was happy to find these treats on line as I rarely find them in the local Costco"
Review 9 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Peterborough, Ontario
Date:August 30, 2013

Love this product

"Our little dog just loves these treats and being all natural makes it even better. This product is not on shelves all the time so we ordered them on-line for the first time. We place our order on Aug 28th late in the evening, and they were at the door early on the 30th. Wow, excellent.....dogs happy, we are too. Great service!!!!!!!"
Review 10 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Ottawa, ON
Date:May 24, 2012

Chewmasters doesn't follow up on customer concerns

Cons: chewmasters does not stand behind their product, chewmasters did not follow up on their promise
"We bought these several times and were quite pleased with them until one day when we noticed what looked like hard black plastic pieces in one bag, several pieces of various sizes.
We immediately contacted the company Chewmasters via their 1-800 Number and spoke with Mark who seemed to care. He promised that if we sent him all of the pieces we found he would in turn send us some free bags and other goodies just to say thanks.
We took photos of the pieces beside a measuring tape in case they broke into smaller pieces in the mail and emailed the photos to Mark in addition to mailing the pieces back to Him at Chewmasters.
After many months of emails back and forth with Mark and this company, they told us they never received what we mailed! We were relieved that we had taken photos and again emailed them to Mark.
Even though we had also sent very good photos of the plastic pieces we found in their "100% liver" they still refused to send us what they had initially promsed to!
They never sent us anything, nor did they say "sorry" or explain how a foreign object could be in a 100% pure product.
We are very dissapointed and believe that this product is not 100% pure liver as it states on the bag or we would not have found foreign items within.
We won't buy anything from any company that does not stand behind their product and we believe that they (Chewmasters) wanted the evidence back and offered to send us us freebies just to get it from us, but they never sent us anything!
We noticed that this product was not available for a couple of months at our local Costco during this timeframe.
Although a good price, we wouldn't buy this product again because of the way the company dealt with us! And because we still don't know what those hard black pieces we found within their product were!"
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Review 11 for Chewmasters Freeze Dried Liver Bites
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Richmond, BC
Date:May 23, 2012

Great Price. My Dog Loves These.

Pros: fantastic price
Cons: none
"I just bought 3 bags at my local Costco. Way cheaper than similar size bag at my pet supply store. My dog loooves these treats and I like them because there are no fillers or preservatives."
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