Customer Reviews for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®

Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®

This item may currently be in stock at your local Costco warehouse for immediate purchase at a cash and carry price. The Sentry®Safe Electronic Fire-Safe® is designed to protect documents, digital media and other valuables from fire, water and theft. With 60% bigger bolts than traditional safes and a pry-resistant hinge bar, this safe provides additional security against unauthorized access. Features:   Colour: Black   Advanced LCD electronic lock system with backlit keypad   Programmable PIN access   Allows up to 7 users   Multi-position tray   UL classified one-hour proven fire protection   ETL verified 4.6 m (15 ft.) drop test   ETL verified for one-hour fire protection of CDs, DVDs, memory sticks and USB drives up to 926°C (1700°F)   Water resistant   4 live-locking bolts   Pry-resistant concealed hinges   Key rack and compartment for small items   Holds standard and A4 size papers, folders and documents   LED interior light   May be bolted to floor (bolt down hardware included) Specifications:   Dimensions (L x W x H): 49 cm x 41.4 cm x 45.2 cm  (19.3 in. x 16.3 in. x 17.8 in.) Weight: 39.2 kg (86.3 lb.) . Warranty:   1 year After Fire Replacement Guarantee: In the event of a fire Sentry®Safe will replace your fire resistant product.  During the fire, the contents will be protected but the product will be sealed shut making it necessary to be pried open and unusable.  Sentry®Safe will send you a new product, free of charge! Model: SFW123FTC/212302
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Customer Reviews for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
Review 1 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Toronto, ON
Date:October 15, 2014


Pros: costco
Cons: too good of a safe - once in in for good!!
" After having this safe for just over 1 year and only going in to retrieve required documents (passports) a handful of times, it just died on me. Both my user programmable code as well as the manufacturer code supplied failed to open the safe. After reading other reviews online, I found that this is a far too common issue with this safe/brand. Next step...pry-bar and handle.
The good news, is that prior to any attempt made I asked a representative at the return desk and I was informed that I could bring the item back for a refund. She said - what else can you do, you gotta get your documents.
The only plus, if there is one, was that I bought the safe from Costco. "
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Review 2 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Ottawa, ON
Date:August 19, 2014

Not a reliable safe

Pros: worked well when it worked
Cons: digital keypad can be a major downfall
" Bought this safe 18 months ago for parents Xmas gift. Great size, did what it was supposed to do, kept things safe and secure inside, easy to use with a digital combination pad. Then one day, the digital pad no longer lit up. Changed the batteries thinking no big deal... still nothing. Completely DEAD... Googled it... Many unhappy users out there with no solutions from manufacturer either. Only solution... Sawsall on 4, count them 4 steel pins! Pried door open and removed unharmed contents inside. Back to Costco it went. Awesome returns counter! Nothing bad to say about them! "
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Review 3 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
1 out of 5
1 out of 5
Location:Halifax, NS
Date:January 8, 2014

looks good, price is good...BUT

Pros: price
Cons: may not open without a hammer and luck
" I thought I had a great value product until @14 months after purchase and the safe would not open. The code is received and a green light is seen but it will not open. The mechanism inside is stuck/broken.
Called Sentry, its out of warranty and i was advised to hit it with a rubber mallet to open it.
Worked eventually, and i removed all my valuables and am going to return ASAP to costco for refund.
Don't buy!!
Review 4 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Toronto, ON
Date:April 20, 2013

Good Safe

Pros: sturdy, peace of mind, easy to operate, good looking
Cons: not really water proof once anchored, heavy to move, installation a bit tricky, subject to electronic malfunction
" Description says it is fire and water proof, but not quite. Once you drill holes to anchor the safe on the floor, it is no longer water proof.
It is a heavy sturdy safe. The delivery guy left it at the front door. I was home but did not hear any door bell! It weighs 101 lbs. I am a pensioner and I have to lift it up one step into the house, LOL. Anyone who wants to move it upstairs or down into the basement, make sure you have help.
Once it is in place, you really want to bolt it down so nobody can walk away with it. It comes with 2 bolts and washers but I wanted 4. I had to buy two more sets from Home Depot. Bring your samples and you can find exact matches.
When it comes to drilling the holes in the bottom of the safe, make sure you have a drill bit long enough to go through the metal surface and all the way through the inner plastic shell. I pilot drilled with 1/8 bit. The bit went in easily but was too short to reach the plastic inner shell. The large drill bit went through metal easily too but once it hits the plastic shell, it vibrates like crazy and resulted in a hole larger than the drill bit size..., so use a bit one size smaller than recommended. Besides, the vibration of the drill bit resulted in very jagged edge on the holes. If you need to move the safe with the jagged edges on the floor, especially a wood floor, you will end up with ugly marks. In my case, I had to file down the edges and put masking tapes on the holes before moving and sliding the safe into place for bolting. Oh, one more thing, trying to locate the holes on the floor under the safe can be tricky. I used a long skinny screw driver.
To me, moving the safe and drilling holes on the bottom were unpleasant; otherwise, the safe is really good.
One more consideration, the safe can ONLY be opened by punching correct numbers on the electronic key pad. Have you ever thought about the possibility of electronic circuit malfunction? Murphy's Law says, whatever can go wrong will go wrong..., especially when you need to retrieve your items, like passports, when you need them the most and in a hurry! "
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Review 5 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Mississauga, ON
Date:March 25, 2013

Sturdy safe, great value

Pros: sturdy, no keys, multiple codes, led lights, ability to enable/disable led light keypad sounds
Cons: plastic handle, bolting to floor breaks water resistance, only one shelf, only 5 digit codes accepted
" Purchased online and delivered within timeframe. This a great safe to store your valuables. Wish it came with another shelf though. Pretty heavy, but as I'm a large guy I was able to lift myself. Comes with a bolt down kit, however if you choose to bolt down you will lose the water protection. I don't like the plastic handle that opens the safe - seems like a flimsy choice considering the rest of the safe is quite solid. Would be nice if you could choose a range of code length (eg: 4-8 digits). You can only program 5 digits codes. Sure that's safer than only 4 digits, but I'd rather have flexibility to choose.
I'm pretty satisfied overall though with this purchase "
Review 6 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 18, 2013

Heavy Duty Safe

Pros: led that lights up the inside when doors open
Cons: so far none
" This is one heavy duty safe, takes 2 people to lift it.
Very well built, mecanism is strong, it's not a cheap safe that you can twist the handle and bend it (unlike other inferior models).
It's very roomy for lots of docs, hard drives, jewelry etc. and plus it has LED that will lit the Inside.
It's much more than i expected as a safe.
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Review 7 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Toronto, ON
Date:March 15, 2013

A good value

" This is a heavy duty safe. The only surprise I have is that this unit can only use alkaline batteries. I just wish that rechargeable can be used. "
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Review 8 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Edmonton, AB
Date:February 22, 2013

Perfect Residential Safe

Pros: solid and heavy, digital lock works smoothly, quite a bit of space for your valuables, acceptable price (for canada), codes are 5 digits not 4
Cons: heavy, no keys but more of a niggle than a con
" We're retiring down south so just to be on the safe side (pun not intended) we decided to purchase this unit. Almost bought a similar unit on Kijiji but it was the old-school dial type and a real pain to use.
Shipping was painless with good tracking and speed.
Yes, it's heavy but that's because of all the water and fireproofing. You can buy lighter units but then you lose the fire and water protection, so it's a bit of inconvenience for major peace of mind.
Very easy to set up codes but I had a blonde moment when I thought my usual 4-digit code wasn't working. Of course it wasn't!!! This safe uses 5 digit codes, not 4 like the units in the hotels that we are used to (duh).
Will never win any beauty contests but then again it's meant to be hidden away in a closet or elsewhere so it will not clash with your décor.
The size is about twice that of a hotel safe so that's a big plus. "
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Review 9 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Victoria, BC
Date:March 13, 2012

Excellent unit

" Easy to use. Compact, sturdy, with a couple of smaller compartments for cash and small items. Useful LED light inside. Delivered on-time by UPS. Excellent order-tracking and communication by Costco.
Good additional feature - combination code can be stored on the company's secure website in case of loss.
The multiple programmable codes do not enable me to track users but they serve to avoid handing out the master code to other users. "
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Review 10 for Sentry®Safe SFW123FTC Electronic Fire-Safe®
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Calgary, AB
Date:March 12, 2012

Terrific purchase

Pros: very easy to use.
Cons: heavy to move initially.
" Delivered as advertised at price quoted. Installation was relatively easy and the size of the safe is ideal for me. Easy to access and use with no hangups re: spinning dials and missing the mark. Very easy to use and versatile. "
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