Customer Reviews for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift

Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift

For portability, compact storage, and convenience, no automotive lift on the market today compares to the MaxJax™ portable 2-post lifting system by Dannmar. This portable 2-post lift is perfect for low-clearance ceilings and home garages. Need a quick oil change? Don't have the room for bulky 4-post and 2-post lifts? Need to be able to use vehicle lanes when not working on your vehicles? Well look no further because the MaxJax™ lift gives you all the convenience of a regular 2-post lift, but without permanently taking up a vehicle lane. Features:   Cast-iron gear-flow divider providing precisely equalized lifting Dual-voltage single-phase power unit small enough to be stored out of the way Built-in wheels giving this 2-post auto lift portability when needed Fully adjustable lift arms with stackable adapters Automatic arm restraints Maintenance-free load bearings Solid-steel safety lock bars Detailed safety instructions Ability to create multiple installation positions Industrial-grade hydraulic cylinders Durable powder-coat finish Portable power-unit cart Patent pending Specifications:   Lifting capacity:. 2,727 kg. (6000 lb.) Style: Portable 2-post lift Overall height: 2,2 mm (7.4 ft.) Height of column: 1,6 mm (5.3 ft.) Typical width (outside of base plate): 2.7 m – 3.2 m (8.8 ft. – 10.4 ft.) Arm reach (min.): 61 mm (24 in.) Arm reach (max.): 1.1 cm (3.7 ft.) Min. pad height: 8.9 cm (3.5 in.) Max. lift height (pad only): 1,1 m (3.8 ft.) Max. lift height (with 3-in. adapter): 1,3 m (3.8 ft.) Motor: 110 – 220 V a.c./50 – 60 Hz. 1 Ph Time of full rise: 30 seconds Individual column weight: 136 kg (300 lb.) First locking position: 61 cm (24 in.) Second locking position: 1 m (3.3 ft.) Shipping weight: 399 kg (880 lb.) Warranty:   12 month 36 month on structure Model: 1375659
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Customer Reviews for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
Review 1 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Ottawa, ON
Date:March 10, 2015

Awesome home lift!

Pros: much easier to move around than expected, decent build quality at this price point.
Cons: hydraulic hoses should be a little longer.
" Bought the Maxjax after extensive research on home lifts. As others note, check your floor carefully - I ended up pouring a new slab for my own piece of mind. Handles my smaller British cars like they weigh nothing! Don't forget to pickup some hydraulic fluid or ATF when you are ready to use it (does not ship with it due to transport regulations) "
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Review 2 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Calgary AB
Date:February 19, 2015

Great Product, but check your floor.

" The lift is a good quality. Because of the way that its shipped expect the unit to arrive scratched, I also had seconds of missing paint (looks like they were never painted to start with)
The lift operation is great. I trust it to lift my truck without issue.
The problem i had was not with the lift but was with my garage floor. My slab was only 2-3" thick, worst then that there is 10" of air under the slab, bad home build quality these days, so now i have to pour new footings.
I rated a 4/5 based on the paint problems alone, but i would recommend you check your floor before purchase. "
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Review 3 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:December 25, 2014

Don't know why I waited so long

Pros: everything
Cons: hydraulic line length a litte short
" Works excellent, Saves the back and just makes working on a vehicle way easier.
Have used it to lift near 6000lbs capacity with no issues. If Interested Don't hesitate to buy.
Dosen't take much longer than Jacking to Set-up.
Plan to spend at least full day to install.
Review 4 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Halifax, NS
Date:April 23, 2014

Well suit needs

Pros: well design and perfect for low ceiling, fast shipping
Cons: need better manual, hydraulic fittings made cheap
" I purchased this lift from Costco website. The shipping was really fast. It took less than a week to ship from Vancouver, BC to Halifax, NS. That is across Canada. However, the local deliver company took more than a week to schedule deliver to my house.
The product was well designed, it fits my 8 feet low ceiling garage. Although i can't lift the vehicle all the way up, i am still quite happy about the convenience to raise to a comfortable working height quickly and easy to go underneath. The pump unit is powerful, and it works perfectly with 120V AC wall supply with a 15Amp breaker. As people below said, the Dannmar help desk people are very responsible. I sent them a email during assembly, they called me back on same day.
The drawback about the product is the user manual. It is not quite clear for some installation steps and the some steps quite simple for first time installer. I even found a picture that doesn't match the unit sold in Canada. It is a location of connecting hose on the pump unit. "
Review 5 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:March 24, 2014

The best ever.

" It's the best easy to install got here pretty fast you can't dismantle it in no time at all take about 15 minutes to reinstall it a peanut nothing there works well really fine "
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Review 6 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Vancouver Island, B.C.
Date:March 10, 2014


Pros: customer service, quality of product
Cons: floor anchors
" I have been rolling around on cold concrete under vehicles for years. I finally got off my wallet and purchased the MaxJax when I realized Costco carried it and had free shipping. 3 Days later I had a phone call and a lift gate truck delivered it. No shipping damage and everything was included.
Dannmar's customer service is A1, one of the few businesses that go above and beyond for customer service. Had a small problem, one quick phone call and they sent new parts no questioned asked.
With a proper commercial hammer drill, install was easy. Mixed online reviews on the supplied Wejet floor anchors, I had some issues with them not setting, but got that sorted out. If I decide to drill more holes elsewhere in the shop I will go with a different brand of anchor.
Vehicle lifted is very solid and secure, very smooth lift and lower. I have just under 11 feet of ceiling and this hoist works excellent, allowing for vans, trucks, cars, suv's, no problem to be lifted to full height. I have lifted very close to capacity (6000lbs) and the hoist doesn't struggle or sound or operate any different.
Too bad Costco doesn't offer the motorcycle adapter or the rolling stool or the optional height spacers, I would have bought them as well. I did buy a rolling chair elsewhere and find it easy to manoeuver under the vehicles with ample head room. My back feels good after a full day of work.
Very nice to be able to bring the under hood items up to a comfortable height to work (tuneups) instead of bending over, and at full height you are staring at the wheels, which makes brake work, suspension work, tire changes a breeze. It doesn't feel like work anymore, best investment I have made in many years. Thanks and Dannmar, customer for life! "
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Review 7 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:February 20, 2014

Great Price & Excellent Quality

Pros: compact and excellent quality !!
Cons: n/a
" Shopped around Numerous Places until I fell on this Beauty !! It's Not too Big and is Just right for everyday repairs on your Vehicule.Great Craftsmanship & Quality !! Safety Features are a MUST !! Best Purchase for my Vehicules !! Thank You COSTCO !! "
Review 8 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Kamloops BC
Date:December 20, 2012

A must for 8' ceilings

Pros: perfect for an 8 or 10' garage, small footprint., solid mounting and little movement of vehical, could use more positions for the safety pins
Cons: poor weld cleanup., not enough shims included.
" The install went very well once I had a 3/4" plate made for one side. My garage is high in the center. The concrete inserts are hard to find so if you are going to move this around try and get extra inserts. You need at least 5" slab to install these. I was not impressed with the weld splatter on the extension arms. I ended up having to grind some of it off so that one of the arms could extend. Also the 10' Hydraulic lines are a little short and get in the way. I ended up making 25' lines and running them overhead. Very Smooth operation and car feels very solid when lifted. There are only two positions for the safety pins one more in between the top and bottom would be nice. I have ordered the motorcycle adapter from another company but it has not arrived yet. Not sure if Costco will bring that in. "
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Review 9 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Markham, ON
Date:November 8, 2011

A must have item for Auto DIY lover

Pros: easy to install setup and use
Cons: the quality of the hydraulic hose can be better
" I owned a scissor type lift before, but my son refused to use it due to too many restrictions and limitations. He used this MAXJAX a couple times since we bought it a month ago. Installation is easy with proper percussion drill. It is also very easy and quick setup for each use. The lift quality is exceeding domestic usage. The hydraulic hose is a bit harder when winding onto the motor/hydraulic control unit. Make sure the concrete floor of your garage is thick enough and strong enough to hold the drop-in anchor. I am planning to reinforce the garage floor and reinstall the anchors after this winter. "
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Review 10 for Dannmar MaxJax™ 2-post Portable Auto Lift
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 18, 2011

Great mid-lift hoist!

Pros: store away when not in use
Cons: not suitable if you want to store a vehicle below
" Easy to install, stable and solid and just perfect for restricted ceiling height garage.
Delivered to the door.
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