Customer Reviews for Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector

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Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector

360° Total Perimeter Protection™
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Customer Reviews for Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector
Review 1 for Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector
2 out of 5
2 out of 5
Location:Vancouver BC
Date:April 30, 2011

Too Many False Alarms

" Even with City2 mode on - there are way too many false alarms compared to my last unit (Bel) "
Review 2 for Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Location:Spruce Grove, AB.
Date:November 17, 2010

Excellent Value

Pros: value function quality.
Cons: none
" This detector picks up everything. There are several filters to cut down on false alarms. I travel for work and there is lots of K band radar in small communities. All radar detectors will have poor display in direct sunlight, so this does not bother me. The compass is a silly feature and needs to be re-calibrated every time you move it, I don't use it. The volt meter display is more useful. This unit easily compares to a $500 passport. "
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Review 3 for Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector
4 out of 5
4 out of 5
Location:Vancouver, BC
Date:November 16, 2010

Good radar detector

Pros: easy to use, long detecting range, invisible to radar detector detector
Cons: lots of false alarm comparing to other brands, irrating sound on highway mode, led not visible on day time
" Whistler 690SE is a good reasonable detector. It does a little more than what you paid for.
Front panel is not really visible during day time, but it's not a big deal as long as you can hear the beep.
It's quite sensative and seldom miss any radars; however, it doesn't have a perfect filter which $500+ detectors have, and therefore, it has many false alarm.
(If you don't want any false alarm, buy $500+ detectors.)
This is the best detector among what costco sells including Beltronics V940. Beltronics V940 is also a good detector, but you better buy V955 from somewhere else. V955 is the beginning of new generation.
In short, it's a resonable detector which will be useful to most drivers.
Recommend to minimize the volume. "
Review 4 for Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector
5 out of 5
5 out of 5
Date:October 23, 2010

Good Performer

Pros: excellent ka detection, voice alerts, led periscopes, led display, vehicle voltage monitor, digital compass, very few falses
Cons: none so far
" If you are looking for a performance radar detector for a reasonable price, this is the one you want. I did a lot of research and reading over at the radarjammer forums and this detector rates very high in terms of "bang for your buck" In terms of real world performance, every police cruiser and photo radar I have encountered in my area has been using Ka band, which is where this detector shines with Ka Max. On the highway, a cruiser with constant-on radar will be picked up literally kilometers away, photo radar which is hard to detect at the best of times will give you about 5 seconds warning (Alberta, so forward facing and tagging your back license plate) This detector has already paid for itself in photo radar tickets avoided. Highly recommended if you want to stay on a budget. "
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Review 5 for Whistler® XTR-690SE Radar/Laser Detector
3 out of 5
3 out of 5
Location:Regina, SK
Date:July 28, 2009

Performs well but can't read display in daylight

Pros: easy to use, detects radar without excessive false alerts
Cons: display is not visible in daylight hours
" I've only had the XTR-690SE for a couple weeks but so far it has performed well. It detects radar without generating excessive false alerts.
The only major flaw is that there is no way that the red LED display can be see when there is direct sunlight hitting the display. In the early morning or late evening, it is visible but during the rest of the day it cannot be seen.
I contacted Whistler to verify that I had adjusted the 690SE properly. They confirmed that I had configured the display settings properly and also indicated that it is not uncommon to have difficulty seeing it during the day.
As a result, I will be returning this detector. The PRO-78SE may be a better option, so will attempt to replace it with that. "
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